Fat Transfer (Grafting) in Jacksonville, FL

Fat transfers are often considered for patients who would like more volume and fullness to certain areas without implanting foreign materials (like silicone or saline) in their body. The board-certified surgeons of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery use advanced medical techniques to adequately harvest, purify, and inject fat so that you can achieve the youthful look you desire.

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How Fat Transfer Works

Using liposuction, fat is suctioned from an area of the body where fat can be spared. The most popular areas are the stomach, thighs, hips, back, and upper arms. This fat is then purified and transplanted into hollow or flattened areas of either the buttocks, breasts, or both. This procedure continues to be popular among patients because it offers little risk and little downtime while delivering great results.

    Who is a Candidate for Fat Transfer?

    If you’re interested in fat transfer in the Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Fernandina Beach, FL area, you may be the ideal candidate. Those who make the best patients for this procedure are those who:

    • Are unhappy with the size, shape, or asymmetry of their breasts/buttocks
    • Have enough body fat in other areas to use for the procedure
    • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding 
    • Are non-smokers in overall good health 
    • Have realistic expectations for what fat transfer can accomplish
    • Fully understand the fat transfer procedure, risks, recovery, and what to expect

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    The Fat Transfer Procedure

    During your consultation, your surgeon will discuss what donor sites will be the most suitable and desirable for fat removal.

    A fat transfer is considered an outpatient procedure and is performed at an accredited surgical facility. In the majority of cases — especially where larger injection areas are concerned — general anesthesia will be used. 

    During surgery, fat will be removed from the donor site using a cannula. This is typically the stomach, thighs, hips, back, or upper arms. The fat will then be separated and purified so that only the healthy fat tissue remains for transplantation. The fat will be placed in a syringe and transferred to the transfer site. Your surgeon will simultaneously massage the area so that the fat settles where it needs to in order to create a satisfactory, smooth shape and contour. Multiple injections are usually needed.

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    Why Choose PVPS?

    With multiple locations, five board-certified plastic surgeons, six Advanced Aesthetic Practitioners, and seven skin health specialists covering Northeast Florida, Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery addresses both your surgical and non-surgical aesthetic needs. We have been serving the Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Fernandina Beach, FL area since 1993, and since then we have grown, evolved, and established an excellent reputation. If you’re in the area and are interested in discovering what a fat transfer can do for you, contact us to book your consultation. 

    “The staff at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery is extremely efficient and friendly, and the surgery facilities top-notch. This was my second procedure with PVPS. The first one was phenomenal. I am only on day two, but can see that the results will be just what I wanted. I have had very little pain or swelling. The nurse called today to check on me to make sure all was good. I would recommend PVPS for any cosmetic procedure.”



    After the procedure, the fat removal areas (as well as the injection sites) may be swollen and red. This will subside in a short time. 

    If you’ve had a fat transfer for the buttocks, you’ll most likely be able to return to work within 10 to 14 days. For most patients, the hardest part of recovery is the effect the procedure will have on sitting and sleeping.

    For about two weeks, you may not be able to sit down “properly”, and you should avoid sleeping on your back during this time as well. Many patients find that a donut pillow is helpful. 

    Recovery from breast fat grafting is minimal. Patients are typically able to resume sedentary work in one week. Everyone will heal differently, but swelling, bruising, and tenderness usually subside within a few weeks. A protective bra will need to be worn for one week, and then you can wear a soft bra without an underwire. 

    The best way to heal properly from a fat transfer procedure is to closely follow the home care instructions that we provide.


    When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, a fat transfer can result in an enhanced appearance that can last for years. While some of the fat will be reabsorbed back into the body, a skilled fat transfer surgeon will understand the proper mechanism behind creating a result that will last. 

    In addition, there are new modern techniques available to help lengthen the life of the transferred fat cells. (Platelet-rich plasma is an example of this. When added to the transferred fat, it can increase cell survival. This is a therapy that is still being studied.)

    A fat transfer typically results in long-lasting fullness. However, because a portion of the transferred fat will be re-absorbed into the body over time, some of the results may diminish. The good news is that a fat transfer can be performed again very easily, resulting in additional body contouring and enhancement.

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    What Alternative Procedures are There to a Fat Transfer?

    While fat transfer produces great results for many patients, there are alternatives that some may consider. Luckily, the market for injectables is wide and diverse. An injection such as Botox® may produce the results some patients desire — especially where wrinkle correction is concerned. For patients desiring more volume, there are countless dermal filler products that offer many different choices and options. Some fillers (including collagen and hyaluronic acid) offer temporary outcomes while the heaviest of fillers, PMMA, offer lasting results.

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