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In the majority of cases, both ears are affected. Therefore, ear surgery is performed on both ears. However, there may sometimes be an abnormality in just one ear. If this is the case, surgery will be performed on the affected ear, which will be made to match the opposing ear. If you’re interested in ear surgery for your child, children between the ages of 4-6 are considered within the ideal range for this procedure. From an anatomical standpoint, the cartilage is still soft and will be easier to re-mold and manipulate. From a psychological standpoint, having this surgery before starting elementary school can help avoid teasing and ridicule from classmates.

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What Does Ear Surgery Address?

  • Ears that protrude from the head
  • Misshapen ears due to a congenital defect 
  • Ears that need repair due to injury
  • Overly large ears 
  • Elongated or overly large earlobes
  • Torn earlobes

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Earlobe Reduction

Earlobe reduction is a minor surgery that reduces overly long or large earlobes, which can be the result of genetics or age. The most frequently used techniques for earlobe reduction are a wedge earlobe reduction (a triangle-shaped area of skin is removed from the earlobe) or a peripheral margin earlobe reduction (in which excess skin and tissue are removed from the bottom of the earlobes). This procedure takes about half an hour, and it takes about one week for the ears to heal. 

Earlobe Repair

The earlobes are quite vulnerable to tearing and stretching, so earlobe repair is a very common procedure. It can be done in 1-2 hours, with just local anesthesia. Many patients choose earlobe repair after accidents with pets or small children, fights, or after years of wearing heavy earrings or gauges. During the procedure, the excess skin is removed, the edges are smoothed, and the torn area is sutured. Healing takes about 1-2 weeks.

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Ear Surgery at PVPS

At Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, our highest priority is to help achieve the appearance you want safely and effectively. Since 1993, we have been providing exceptional aesthetic services to our community, and we have made a reputation in the area with our incredible results. We’re more than plastic surgery — we’re a lifestyle. And we’re more than just Ponte Vedra; we’re all of Northeast Florida. With multiple providers and locations, we have the ideal surgeon for each individual patient. If you’re in the Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, or Ponte Vedra Beach, FL area and you’re considering ear surgery for yourself or your child, we encourage you to contact us to book a consultation with one of our specialists. 

Surgical Technique for Ear Surgery

All otoplasties are performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure in an accredited surgical facility. The entire surgery typically takes about two hours to complete. Surgery generally begins with a small incision made along the back of the ear. At Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, there are two main techniques that may be used to achieve the desired look during this procedure. One common technique involves trimming or removing pieces of cartilage, re-shaping the remaining cartilage, and stitching it back in order to draw the ears closer to the head.

Another technique makes use of the same incision, but instead of removal of cartilage, it is folded, re-shaped, and stitched to create a new contour. 

The technique used during ear surgery will depend on the abnormality. First, there may be an insufficient amount of ear cartilage to support the fold of the ear, or too much cartilage where the ear canal starts. Both issues will cause the ear to protrude outward. In some cases, the ears may appear too large. 

Regardless of the condition, the cartilage will usually be addressed and either removed or re-shaped. Then the cartilage will be secured with sutures into a new position closer to the head. The incision is generally placed within the natural folds of the ear so scarring is not an issue.

Members of our highly trained and experienced surgical team will work closely with you to decide on the appropriate technique for you and your cosmetic needs.


After surgery, patients will be sent home with their heads wrapped in a compression bandage which will later be replaced with lighter bandaging. Initially patients will feel discomfort if they attempt to move their ears. This will subside in a few days. Younger patients will need to be monitored so they do not touch or play with their ears during the healing process.  


The results following an otoplasty procedure are long-lasting. However, just like any other cosmetic procedure, aging and gravity may cause increased laxity. This could eventually affect the position of the ears. For the most part, the improvements made with this surgery are still significant.

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