Lip Augmentation in Jacksonville, FL

The surgeons of Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery in Jacksonville, FL offer a number of innovative techniques and treatment options to help patients achieve their realistic cosmetic goals. For those considering lip augmentation, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our office to further discuss your esthetic needs and goals. 

Lip Enhancement Options

  • Surgical lip implants: Implants provide a permanent increase in lip size. 
  • Fat filler: This is a non-surgical injection also referred to as “fat transfer”. The process involves removing fat through liposuction from the patient’s body, filtering this fat, and then transferring it to the lips.
  • Surgical lip lift: A surgical lip lift removes a small portion of skin from underneath the nose to lift the upper lip higher for a fuller, poutier appearance. 
  • Dermal filler: This is a non-surgical injection to create a fuller look for the lips. There are a variety of lip fillers available, including those made of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and calcium hydroxyapatite. These are marketed under various brand names and offer varying results.
  • Botox lip flip: Botox® is a wrinkle relaxer that can be injected above the upper lip to make the top lip “flip out”, which reveals more pink and gives the lip a fuller, more attractive contour.

Lip Implants

Lip augmentation with implants is a common procedure that is growing in popularity for those who wish to have a more permanent solution for fuller lips. With lip implants made of either silicone or a synthetic material, patients are able to achieve a natural-looking and soft result. The implant is made of a flexible, synthetic material that is designed to result in a natural look and feel. After a few months, the lips will take on a normal appearance and the implant will integrate with the natural tissues and fibers of the lip. Most patients remark that their new lips look and feel both natural and soft. However, patients who do not like their lip implants can have them removed. It’s important to make sure all swelling has subsided before making the decision to have an implant taken out. 

Lip Implant Surgery Details

The surgical process to place a lip implant typically takes about an hour and is performed under general anesthesia in most cases. The incisions will start on the outer corner of the mouth. These incisions allow your surgeon to create a tunnel within the lip where the implant can then be placed. Once the implant is in correct placement, the lips are then sutured and the incisions closed. These sutures are dissolvable. Scarring is very minimal with a lip augmentation surgery because the incision is placed on the outside of the mouth in the natural crease of the lips. Once healed, the incision is barely noticeable at all.

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Lip Fillers
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Lip augmentation using injectable lip fillers is performed in-office and usually takes about 30 minutes. A local numbing anesthetic is generally used for injections. These injections are made through a cannula that is placed inside the lip. The filler will be injected in layers until the desired fullness has been achieved. Some patients will need to have this process repeated several times, depending on how quickly the body absorbs the injected material. At Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, we use a cannula instead of a needle to administer filler. The benefits of using a cannula instead include better precision and control; less swelling and bruising, and fewer injections required.

Injections will slowly absorb into the body and thus the lips will naturally become smaller when an injection is involved. After injections, the lips will be sore and swollen for a few days. This subsides and the results are fuller soft lips. 

“I have been coming to PVPS since I moved to Jacksonville about four years ago, and I absolutely love this place! The whole process from my consultation to my follow-up visits was beyond impressive and relaxing. I have continuously received Botox and have just began doing lip fillers. All I can say is that all the offices are beautiful, creating a very relaxing atmosphere."

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Fat Transfer

When the lip filler used is your own fat (taken from another area of the body such as the stomach, buttocks, or thighs), it is injected just like dermal filler.

However, first liposuction will be used to remove the fat. Many patients prefer fat transfer instead of dermal filler because the results look and feel incredibly natural; there is no risk of allergic reaction, and the results last longer.

Which Lip Augmentation Procedure is Right for You?

The good news to this question is that there are many choices and alternatives, each one offering specific benefits to meet each patient’s individual goals and desires. Patients who wish to have permanent results will probably be better suited to have implants or a filler treatment that produces longer-lasting results (like fat grafting). Some patients may not be sure how they’ll feel following lip augmentation and therefore may want to take baby steps with their lip enhancement. Luckily, there are many procedures that will offer a fuller lip, but that won’t last forever. Others will. During your consultation, all of these techniques will be discussed so that the right decision can be made.

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Why Choose Lip Augmentation from PVPS?

At Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, we offer not only convenience (with multiple locations), but also plenty of options for providers, with five board-certified plastic surgeons, six Advanced Aesthetic Practitioners, and seven skin health specialists. We perform both surgical and non-surgical procedures, and we have established an excellent reputation in the Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL area for our exceptional results, professionalism, and service. If you would like to learn more about our lip augmentation options or lip fillers, please don’t hesitate to contact us to set up a consultation. 

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