Qwo Cellulite Reduction in Jacksonville, FL

Unlike fat, cellulite usually cannot be eliminated through the use of proper diet and exercise. In fact, cellulite can be an incredibly tricky thing to avoid — and especially to remove. This can lead to endless amounts of insecurity when wearing shorts, bathing suits, and various other types of clothing. Fortunately, now it’s never been easier to improve the appearance of dimpled, orange-peel skin. 

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Say Goodbye to Cellulite with Qwo

Having visible cellulite can be a primary point of insecurity for many when it comes to the state of their body. Qwo allows our Jacksonville, FL patients to stop feeling embarrassed and achieve the look they’ve always wanted. Within just three treatments, this procedure can reduce cellulite, helping men and women feel more confident in their body. 

How Does Qwo Work? 

When Qwo is injected into the area, its enzymes break the fibrous bands that are pulling down on the skin and giving it that dimpled look. Qwo releases these fibrous bands, which gives the affected skin a smoother look.

Is Qwo Right for You?

If you’re in the Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, or Ponte Vedra Beach, FL area and you’re interested in Qwo injections for cellulite, you may be a great candidate. Those who make good patients for this treatment are those who:

  • Are bothered by cellulite on their buttocks
  • Have toned skin
  • Are at a healthy, stable weight
  • Do not currently have an infection, any kind of bleeding disorder, diabetes, or varicose veins
  • Are not allergic to the product’s ingredients
  • Are not allergic to collagenase
  • Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
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Qwo Treatments from Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery

Discover how this groundbreaking treatment can help you achieve your cosmetic goals by contacting Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery today to schedule an appointment with a member of our staff. Since 1993, we have been providing excellent cosmetic services to the Jacksonville, Fernandina Beach, and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL area — and beyond. Now with multiple locations and a wide variety of providers, we are pleased to offer our patients convenience and customization. To learn more about this revolutionary injection, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with one of our expert medical professionals.

“I’ve had injectables for years from several providers, and I feel that PVPS is superior. Quick and painless. Will return.”


How are Qwo Treatments Performed?

Typically, there is no need for local anesthesia or numbing creams, although they can be administered if preferred by the patient. Before the treatment begins, we will ask you to stand up while we mark the designated injection sites on your body. A member of our team will then perform the injections in the designated areas, with up to 12 injections being made per buttock. In total, the procedure usually only takes 10-15 minutes but can vary depending on the number of injections being made.

Recovery and Results

At the immediate conclusion of the Qwo treatment, you will be free to return to your home, work, and normal life. However, we do recommend that you refrain from exercise and heavy lifting for at least two days to allow the treated area time to recover. A common side effect of Qwo is temporary bruising, and you may also notice some tenderness. Qwo requires three treatments spaced 21 days apart. About 28 days after the final treatment, most patients begin to see results in the appearance of cellulite on their buttocks.

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