Ladies, admit it. Having large breasts isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Back pain, shoulder grooves, rashes, and just being uncomfortable are all common symptoms that women with large breasts share. I suppose I cannot speak for all women but I know a lot of women can relate. It can be difficult to exercise and find clothes that fit properly. A woman’s self esteem can be seriously affected by her chest. If you are thinking about having breast reduction surgery, here are some benefits to think about. In terms of health benefits, after the surgery, your back pain will lessen if not go away completely. Large breasts also cause breathing problems and after having the surgery, those problems may be reduced. Those awful indentations in your shoulders that are caused from your bra straps will no longer be an issue. They can be painful and turn into some serious rashes on your shoulders. Breast reduction surgery can also help your posture. Large breasts are heavy, especially if they are not proportionate to a woman’s frame. They can put some serious strain on the back and shoulders. When it comes to appearance, breast reduction surgery can seriously make a women feel brand new! Shirts tend to fit better, bathing suits are no longer a thing of the past and exercising is actually fun. Sometimes women have breasts that are not the same size, so after having this surgery that issue can be put to rest. Women want to feel comfortable about their bodies and confident about their appearance. Insurance may also cover your breast reduction surgery. If you can show your insurance company that your large breasts are the cause of your excessive back pain, rashes, or other issues, then your insurance company may cover some or all of the cost of the surgery. Nothing is guaranteed of course but that is something to consider. There are many cases where insurance companies have covered breast reduction surgery due to the fact that a woman’s large breasts were the cause of her medical issues. Ladies do not be nervous. If you having medical problems due to your large breasts or you just do not want them anymore, do some research on the breast reduction surgery. You do not have to be uncomfortable for the rest of your life and if you feel as though your breasts are holding you back from living, then change that. It is time to be comfortable in your own skin and love your body!

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