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Pregnancy and childbirth can affect a woman's body in different areas, leaving behind loose skin, deflated breasts, and pockets of unwanted fat. Mommy makeover surgery is a combination of two or more cosmetic procedures focused on restoring and rejuvenating a woman's silhouette, generally consisting of a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentation. A common question asked when it comes to breast augmentation is, "Can I still breastfeed?" Patients concerned about breast augmentation and breastfeeding should not make that the only reason to put off this cosmetic procedure. With proper planning and surgical care, especially with the experts at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, most women can allow for breastfeeding in the future.

The exceptional team of board-certified plastic surgeons at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery are skilled mommy makeover experts helping women in Jacksonville, FL get stunning results. Along with offering a fantastic aesthetic outcome, mommy makeover surgery can restore a woman's body and spirit. If you are worried about breast implants and breastfeeding, read on to learn more from Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery.

Why consider a mommy makeover?

When diet and exercise are no longer effective, a mommy makeover can provide long-lasting results. This combination of body contouring treatments, from a tummy tuck to breast augmentation, is helping women look slimmer while boosting their self-confidence. One of the body's primary areas affected by fluctuating weight and hormones is a woman's natural breast tissue. A change in breast shape, loss of volume, and less perky appearance are reasons why women choose breast augmentation as part of their mommy makeover experience. The numerous possibilities with this cosmetic procedure can be discussed during a one-on-one consultation with the experts at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery.

Can I breastfeed after a mommy makeover?

Do you wish you filled out your bathing suit better? Have your natural breasts lost volume and shape? Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed today. Breast implants provide Jacksonville, FL women with a more balanced-looking profile with fuller, larger breasts, making many women feel more confident and sexier. Whatever the reason for considering breast implants, patients should be upfront during their consultation about any plans of breastfeeding after breast augmentation. Some helpful tips to boost your odds of success are:

  • Breast implants located under the chest muscle and not right under the glandular tissue are less likely to interfere with milk production.
  • The location and depth of the surgical incision used may affect a patient's ability to breastfeed. Incisions made in the belly button, underneath the breast, or through the armpit, are less likely to interfere with breastfeeding.
  • Keeping the areola intact is likely to cause fewer problems with underlying milk ducts or nerves.
  • Nipple sensation can take a year or two after breast augmentation surgery to return, but even if a patient has reduced sensation, it may not impede the production of breast milk.

Does breastfeeding ruin breast implants?

While most women with breast implants can breastfeed, it varies by patient. In some cases, breast implants may affect the amount of breast milk produced, but in others, the supply isn't affected at all. You may also be concerned that breastfeeding will physically affect your breast implants. It is normal for a woman's breasts to change in size and shape during pregnancy due to fluctuating hormones and weight. However, the act of breastfeeding won't directly affect a woman's implants. If your augmented breasts, after breastfeeding, experience more sag or droopiness, a breast lift procedure can return them to a perkier position.

Most women can successfully breastfeed after getting breast implants. The most critical factor in determining this factor is finding the right, qualified plastic surgeon, like the experts at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Contact our office today to schedule your mommy makeover breast augmentation consultation and let our excellent team answer your questions so you can get superior results.

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