Antioxidant FAQs 

Q: What is an antioxidant? A: Antioxidants are elements that fight free radical damage. They are not only photoprotectants but improve elasticity, assist in collagen and elastic building.

Q: What is free radical damage? A: Damage caused by stress, sun exposure, and pollution.

Q: How often are antioxidants applied? A: Apply in the morning to a cleansed face. It will remain on the skin for 72 hours and cannot be washed off.

Q: What makes a good antioxidant? A: One that contains 1. 10-20% of pure Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) 2. Aqueous base with no silicone or derivative. 3. Ph of 3.5 or lower.

Q: Where can I trust to purchase an efficacious antioxidant? A: Purchase from a reputable MEDICAL facility.

Q: I take Vitamin C tablets, do I also need to apply it to my skin? A: When it is taken orally, the skin is the last organ to receive the benefits, therefore it is an inadequate supply and doesn’t protect from external factors such as photodamage and pollution. Q: What are some of PVPS’s Estheticians favorite antioxidants? A: CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF serum developed and distributed by SkinCeuticals! Q: What makes this SkinCeuticals product different? A: They are known as the #1 Antioxidant Authority Brand, proven by scientific and clinical studies with over a decade of positive results! Q: How are these antioxidants beneficial to a patient with a history of skin cancer? A: It is scientifically proven to protect against 92% of SUN induced skin cancer! This can be layered first before applying your sunscreen. Q: What is the ideal age to begin using an antioxidant? A: It is NEVER too early and NEVER too late to start using an antioxidant and a daily sunscreen. Q: Is Vitamin C good for all skin types? A: Yes. There are multiple formulations with added key ingredients like Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Phloretin to improve specific concerns. Your Skin Care Specialist will find the best formula for you. Q: What is the average shelf life of an antioxidant? A:  Typically only six (6) months, however, the SkinCeuticals formula has Ferluric Acid which adds stability.  After opening the product it remains viable for up to 1 year which is another reason it is one of our favorites!

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