Your medical history is essential in helping the doctor evaluate any risks or problems that might arise during your surgery. Your history will indicate the level of complexity the surgeon will face when your surgery is performed. An individual that is in consultation with their cosmetic surgeon needs to be ready to discuss their complete medical history. A common misconception in the plastic and cosmetic surgery industry is that these types of procedures are viewed as a lighter surgery than others. In fact, cosmetic surgery, like all invasive procedures, is still surgery and runs the risk of something going wrong. Based on the patient’s medical history, many of the conditions that might be a problem could make the surgery more challenging and even life-threatening in some incidences. The number one priority of any physician about to perform surgery is the consideration of the patient’s health. In all, having plastic surgery is a procedure that should never be taken lightly. Risks of Surgery A competent plastic surgeon will consider a number of health conditions that can significantly increase the risks of surgery. They include:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Lung or heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Heavy drinking or smoking
  • Severe allergies
  • Breast-feeding or pregnancy
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Auto-immune disorders

The best scenario for the patient is to complement their cosmetic surgery with a healthy lifestyle. The Right Mental Attitude In some incidences, a patient with the wrong attitude about their surgery might be advised by their surgeon to avoid it all together at this time. This is especially true if they are experiencing emotional distress, seeking to look perfect, or going through emotional trauma. A competent plastic surgeon will not perform procedures on an individual that is attempting to alter their body image for someone other than themselves. In all, it is essential to be completely honest with the surgeon. Only he or she can determine if the patient is an ideal candidate for a specific procedure. They simply will not perform the surgery if there is serious risk to the mental or physical health of the patient. Nearly every individual is an ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery. However, it is essential to have a detailed discussion with a Jacksonville cosmetic surgeon for a full evaluation. He or she will likely discuss in great detail your medical history to determine your candidacy for any specific cosmetic surgery procedure.

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