Cosmetic surgery is often thought to be an easy procedure with no downtime or side effects. In fact, there are five myths that are simply not true in the world of cosmetic surgery. They include:

Myth #1 – Any physician that says he can perform plastic surgery is surely qualified. Technically speaking, there are no legal requirements for any physician to perform plastic or cosmetic surgery on any patient. However, it is essential to fully research the physician’s background to verify that they have the skills and experience necessary to perform these complex procedures. They should be fully certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and be an active member in good standing with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Only then will you know that they are specialized and experienced in cosmetic procedures.

Myth #2 – Quality cosmetic surgery can be performed for a low price. In reality, plastic surgery is expensive. While there are surgeons that use deep, discounted prices as a way to entice new patients, it is always important to seek out a surgeon that provides highs levels of safety and premium quality work. After all, it is your body.

Myth #3 – Only the rich and famous have cosmetic surgery. With financing options available, now anyone can afford to look and feel their best. It is no longer required to be rich to be able to afford the appearance you deserve.

Myth #4 – Cosmetic surgery will not leave a scar and is completely painless. While there are great advancements in cosmetic surgery procedures that have reduced the level of discomfort and pain, any elective procedure is real surgery that can be painful in recovery. Anytime a physician makes an incision, there will be some type of scarring. A skillful Jacksonville cosmetic surgeon can carefully place incisions to keep them small and undetectable in most cases.

Myth #5 – Any cosmetic surgery procedure requires only a minimal to moderate recovery time. While it is true that there are advancements in cosmetic surgery procedures, many of them require significant recovery time to ensure optimal results. Some scrupulous companies heavily market the idea of quick solutions and easily recoverable procedures.

In all, it usually takes several weeks after any type of cosmetic procedure before the results of the surgical intervention are no longer evident. In all, it is always a big decision to undergo any type of plastic or cosmetic surgery. Competent surgeons will always be willing to discuss the sufficient facts and provide all necessary information so their patients can understand which surgery, if any, is right for them. The surgeon should be willing to answer any question to dispel any of these myths.

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