There is an interesting phenomenon in current culture that has some reaching back into ancient times to try beauty enhancing methods that haven’t been used in centuries. One such practice is waist training. Because several beauty icons of today have been very obvious about their waist training practices (Thanks, Kardashians!), there is a fair amount of confusion pertaining to the efficacy – and the safety of these products. Obviously, waist training is considered by people who want to improve the contours of their body. While we understand the draw of non-surgical contouring, it is very important that men and women seeking physical improvement know what they may be getting themselves into.

Waist Training 101

Training the waist is a practice that women have performed for far too long. This method of altering the structure of the mid-section dates back to Ancient African and Asian cultures. It was seen again in the 1500s, when women laced themselves tightly into corsets hidden beneath clothing. To train the waist often meant to wear a restrictive garment for several days or several weeks at a time. This is because it takes time to morph the body to your will. It is understandable to desire attractive contours. What is not understandable is altering the structure of your rib cage in order to achieve a slimming effect. Waist training affects more than the waist, it can cause the lower ribs to turn inward, ultimately displacing internal organs. This cannot be beneficial from a health standpoint.

How About an Exercise Waist Trainer?

In an attempt to make waist training safe, some have resorted to promoting the waist trainer only during exercise. This type of trainer is like the ultimate spandex belt, designed to compress tissues to push out excess water. The issue with an exercise trainer is that it produces only temporary results while also inhibiting oxygen uptake. Without sufficient oxygen during your workouts, you are likely to wind up on the floor, wondering what happened.

Turn to the Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, has helped millions of men and women reduce the circumference of their midsection. This precise surgical procedure can remove excess fat and tighten muscles so you can once again see your six-pack if that is your goal. Performed under anesthesia in an accredited surgery center by a board-certified surgeon, the tummy tuck is less risky than a waist trainer and gives you results without putting your health at risk. Throw out the waist trainer idea and call Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery at (904) 273-6200.

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