Have you heard the term “liquid lift, or liquid facelift” when searching the internet or reading a magazine? If you have and wondered what that means, then the following article will be very interesting and informative for you.

Q:  What is the “liquid facelift?”

A:   This is a term used when facial cosmetics is improved using only fillers and other non-surgical modalities. For instance, a patient may have fillers injected into the cheeks, eyelids, oral areas, and temples, while having Botox injected into the forehead, brows, eyes, and neck. This accomplishes a very nice, sometimes dramatic, improvement without having to undergo surgery.

Q:   Am I a candidate for the “liquid lift?”

A:   The best candidates for a liquid lift are patients with early to moderate facial aging who are not quite ready for an eyelid lift, facelift, or midface lifts. This would be best determined during a consultation. We usually assess the patient, their goals, downtime limits, the degree of facial aging, and whether the procedure is financially better than a surgical approach. Patients in their 40’s and early 50’s are usually the best suited for this treatment. They will have a very nice, restoration of youthfulness without looking surgically altered and requiring no time away from work.

Q:   What injections are commonly used for this?

A:    We usually determine the best filler to use based on areas we want to improve. A fine filler like Restylane© would be used for the lower lid creases, and smile lines around the mouth. A middle volume filler like Juvaderm© is best for the lips, corner of the mouth, chin, and nasolabial folds. Heavy lifters, like Voluma©, and Radiesse©, are best used to augment the cheeks, temples, lateral brows, and deformities of the nose.  Finally, Sculptra© is used to thicken the skin and add more fullness to the entire face. In conjunction with these, we often used Dysport or Botox to soften the appearance of the brow furrows, lift the eyebrows, relax the squint lines around the eyes, and even to relax the lines around the lips and in the neck.  Again, the decision about what products to use is left up to a full discussion between you and your surgeon or nurse practitioner.

Q:   What is the downtime I should expect?

A:    Downtime is usually only about 24-48 hours. During this time you will have some swelling and mild bruising. You can shower and use makeup right away. We recommend using ice and elevating your head on pillows the day of the procedure. You can go back to work the next day if you feel like you are ready. You may go back to working out after 48 hours.

Q:   How long does this type of treatment last?

A:   Depending on the types of fillers used (each has a different length of action), you should expect to get between 6-9 months from one treatment, although many patients report high satisfaction at one year. Botox© and Dysport© usually last 3-4 months. This treatment is best for patients who want to look their best during an event or Holiday season for example.

Q    Can I combine this with any other procedures?

A:   Yes, a liquid lift can be combined with other procedures to improve the health of the skin and look of the face. This is commonly combined with medical facial treatments, and medical grade skin care to improve the skin texture, tone, and color.  Also, we use skin tightening lasers (read about HALO and BBL) to improve the skin texture and sun damage. Together, facial volumization and advanced skin treatment result in a dramatic improvement in facial appearance and youthfulness.

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