Rhinoplasty surgery can change the shape and structure of your nose to deliver incredible cosmetic results. Some open rhinoplasty procedures can also address problems related to a deviated septum, including snoring and frequent nosebleeds. Just like any other surgery, patients should expect incisions that cause scarring. The great news is that an experienced professional knows how to make small incisions so they won’t affect your appearance or confidence.

Want to learn how the specialists at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery ensure your rhinoplasty results are both effective and natural-looking? Schedule a rhinoplasty consultation in Jacksonville, FL to discuss the topics of nose reshaping, open rhinoplasty surgery, and potential scarring. We can provide answers to your questions about nose jobs and more.

What is an open rhinoplasty?

With an open rhinoplasty, we place a small incision on the tissue in between the nostrils, also known as the columella. The skin is then lifted, so your surgeon has access to the underlying tissue, cartilage, and bone. This method is usually employed when more extensive work is required during surgery. The greatest advantage of performing an open rhinoplasty method is Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery has more access to the anatomy of the nose, allowing us to make more precise and accurate changes. Once the modifications are made, the skin is carefully put back into place and closed with sutures.

Why does scar tissue form after a nose job?

As we mentioned, all surgical procedures result in some scar tissue. When an incision is made, our body naturally responds to heal the wounds. The surgeons at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery are always careful to make thin incisions whenever possible to minimize the possibility of future scarring. Our team in Jacksonville, FL can also provide helpful tips and tricks for limiting scarring after your nose reshaping surgery is over.

How do I minimize rhinoplasty scars?

There are several factors that determine the size and depth of your rhinoplasty scars. Knowing these factors can help patients when they are preparing to heal and recover from surgery at home. Here are just a few:

  • Infection: We recommend keeping the surgical site clean and covered to avoid the risk of unwanted bacteria. An infection interrupts your wound healing and can deepen your scars.

  • Sun exposure: Ultraviolet rays darken your scars and make them more noticeable against the surrounding skin. We recommend wearing high-SPF sunscreen when spending time outdoors.

  • Smoking: Cigarettes are not only bad for your lungs but also your skin. Smoking introduces harmful chemicals into your system and interferes with your skin’s natural ability to heal after surgery.

  • Age: Our natural healing capabilities also decline as we get older. This is why most nose reshaping patients are encouraged to get surgery while their skin is still young and healthy.

Great rhinoplasty results without scars

Most men and women do not have to worry about scars from an open rhinoplasty. Rest assured that the expert staff at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery can review this information when you attend a nose job consultation in Jacksonville, FL. We have the proper training and experience needed to ensure any scars will fade away and virtually disappear over time. So, are you ready to enjoy great rhinoplasty results? Contact our office to schedule your next appointment today.

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