No matter how much we like spending time in the sun, it can cause some serious damage to the skin, especially if you decide to go out without sun protection. Constant exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can make individuals look years only then they naturally would. When sun damage and natural aging cause dark spots and fine lines, you may benefit from a revolutionary Clear + Brilliant treatment in Jacksonville, FL. Using precision energy, Clear + Brilliant prompts the body's natural healing response by stimulating the skin for increased nourishment and health.

While peels and skin care products are a great starting point for achieving a dewy glow, a Clear + Brilliant laser facial goes above and beyond for reversing sun damage. It is a fantastic option for results you can see almost right away. The professionals at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery are excited to offer this solution for people who are looking for smoother and healthier skin. Reach out to our staff to schedule your appointment and learn more about laser resurfacing therapy, Clear + Brilliant results, and facial aesthetics near you.

About the Clear + Brilliant laser facial

Just one Clear + Brilliant session can fight signs of aging and improve the texture and tone of the skin. Treatment begins with a consultation at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery to ensure that laser resurfacing therapy is right for you. Clear + Brilliant uses fractional laser technology that is safe to use on sensitive areas of the body, such as the face and neck. The heat from the laser creates micro-injuries across the surface of the skin. Each of these tiny injuries elicits a healing response in the body to produce collagen and elastin production. These proteins are essentially responsible for keeping the skin firm and tight.

During treatment, one of our team members will glide a small handpiece over certain sections of the face. We may choose to apply a topical numbing cream to increase your comfort and help you feel more at ease. Most patients feel some warmth and a tingling sensation from the laser. In all, the total treatment time is about 20 minutes, which means Clear + Brilliant can easily fit into your schedule. In fact, many of our patients schedule their laser resurfacing therapy in between appointments or during their lunch break at work.

Clear + Brilliant results

While Clear + Brilliant is designed to be gentle on the skin, there are some mild side effects that patients should know. Immediately after treatment, you may notice some redness and a warm feeling on the skin. These effects are temporary and should only last for a few hours. Over the next several days, the skin may seem pink with some slight swelling. Others notice darker skin or a slight sandpaper-like texture across their face, which occurs for 3 – 7 days. Once this layer has flaked away, you will be able to notice the Clear + Brilliant results: smoother and more rejuvenated skin underneath!

As we mentioned previously, the wonderful Clear + Brilliant results can be seen after just one treatment. When you come in for your skin care consultation at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, we may suggest more appointments to maintain your results on a long-term basis. We do ask that during the healing process, you avoid direct sunlight or extreme heat as your skin will be more sensitive during this time. Once the skin has healed, patients can be proactive by using sunscreen and protecting their skin each time they go outside. If you have questions about our facial aesthetic options or Clear + Brilliant results, contact a member of our team in Jacksonville, FL.

Clear + Brilliant treatment cost

Clear + Brilliant treatment cost is based on the recommended treatment plan and how many sessions are required to reverse skin damage and signs of aging. When compared to the cost of more invasive methods of skin rejuvenation, Clear + Brilliant sessions can be quite affordable. Speak with a member of our office staff about easy financing options so you can get the care you need. Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery can also let you know about any special or ongoing offers at our clinic.

Schedule your first Clear + Brilliant visit

When time and environmental factors cause the skin to be dull, this can take the attention away from your own natural beauty. If you are interested in reversing skin damage for good, Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery is here to help. Offering numerous cosmetic procedures, our board-certified plastic surgeons and staff can provide superior results for your skin. To learn more about facial aesthetics near you, the Clear + Brilliant laser facial, or if you have concerns about Clear + Brilliant treatment cost, reach out to our facility in Jacksonville, FL.

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