A double chin can be discouraging for many men and women. No matter how much you diet and spend time at the gym, it is challenging to treat stubborn chin fat, also known as submental fat. Now there is a simple, long-term way to treat this problem area. Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery offers chin and neck liposuction for individuals in Jacksonville, FL.

Chin lipo is a safe procedure that addresses fatty tissue beneath the chin and around the upper neck. While you may not see immediate liposuction results, treatment is considered long-lasting as long as you maintain a steady weight. Learn how to achieve a slimmer facial profile by meeting with one of our experienced providers.

Benefits of chin liposuction

The chin is often overlooked when it comes to fat removal. Factors like aging, genetics, and gravity can cause excess tissue to settle into the bottom of your neck, making your face appear fuller. Even those at a healthy weight can experience these issues. Liposuction can remove extra fat under the chin and expose your natural jawline. Patients who get chin lipo feel more satisfied and confident about their necks. Other benefits of liposuction include:

  • Minimize submental fat: treat the appearance of a double chin

  • Enhance the jawline: sculpt and contour the neckline for a slimmer look

  • Reduce neck fat: create a natural transition from the chin to the neck

What happens during a consultation

Some people have concerns about what to expect during and after chin and neck liposuction. The liposuction specialists at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery can answer your questions and make sure you are informed about each step of the process. Keep in mind that each patient has different needs and goals in Jacksonville, FL, so your liposuction results may also vary. We can review a somewhat accurate timeline when you come in for a consultation.

How fat removal surgery is performed

Chin liposuction requires a small incision through which we insert a tool called a cannula. Our advanced tumescent technique allows us to control side effects, like bleeding. We may also combine chin lipo with a neck lift for even more dramatic results. During this procedure, we create incisions under the chin to address loose neck muscles. The overlying skin is then re-draped to achieve the desired definition.

Liposuction recovery and results

Liposuction patients should expect some bruising and swelling near the incision site. While you may be concerned about your chin and neck appearance, the inflammation should subside in the following days and weeks. You may be required to wear a medical compression garment to control these side effects and make you feel more comfortable. The great news is that patients can see a reduction in submental fat during their first follow-up visit when the bandages are removed.

Schedule chin liposuction

No one wants to deal with chin and neck fat. Now you can address your double chin with the professionals at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. Our team has helped countless men and women with fat removal so they can achieve the slimmer and contoured results they want. Discover the benefits of this advanced surgery for yourself when scheduling a liposuction assessment in Jacksonville, FL. We can help you improve your facial profile in just a short amount of time.

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