Your Guide to Permanent Makeup

Thinking of how nice it would be to wake up with your makeup on? You’re not alone. That’s why permanent makeup is a beauty trend that’s here to stay. At Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery, we provide permanent makeup, including microblading, a technique for clients who want their eyebrows to look fresh, full, and beautiful all the time without having to constantly reapply, check for smudging, or spend part of their morning routine worrying about it. 

Here’s our guide to your permanent makeup treatments:

Gorgeous, Effortless, Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a semi-permanent micro-pigmentation procedure or cosmetic tattoo. The pigment is implanted under the surface of the skin with tiny needles that create the realistic appearance of hair strokes. 

While microblading is the most popular, permanent makeup can also be applied as permanent eyeliner, permanent lipstick, or even to create attractive freckles.

The pigment doesn’t go as deep as a traditional tattoo does with ink, and it will fade over time, but for about 1-5 years, your brows will be perfectly shaped, thick, full, and beautiful–effortlessly.

How Do I Make it Last as Long as Possible?

Following a proper skincare routine, avoid anti-aging creams, sun exposure, excessive sweating such as a steam room or sauna, and tanning beds.

You can also get a color boost to freshen your brows or other makeup if it begins to fade. While it might seem unfortunate that it does eventually fade, it’s actually a good thing, as makeup trends and styles change, and being able to easily change the color, shape, or style of your permanent makeup after a few years is a benefit. 

How Long Does it Take?

Expect to spend about two hours on your first appointment, as a part of this time will be spent selecting your ideal style, color, shape, and personal look. Our permanent makeup specialist, Alison, will help guide you through this process and ensure your color matches your skin tone. 

Does it Hurt?

Expect some discomfort, which we will reduce with a topical anesthetic. Other pain treatments are also available to improve the comfort of your procedure.

What Should I Do to Prepare?

  • Stop chemical peels, Retinol, or Botox for a month prior to your permanent makeup appointment
  • Do not tint or color your brows, or wax or pluck before microblading
  • Stay out of the sun
  • Arrive with a face completely clean of makeup
  • Skip your morning workout the day of your treatment

How Long Until I See the Results?

It will take about two weeks to see the final results. There is swelling and puffiness during the first few days, which will settle out in 7-10 days. 

Permanent Makeup at Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery 

Save time and look effortlessly gorgeous every morning with permanent makeup from Ponte Vedra Plastic Surgery. We have specialized in services like this for more than twenty years, keeping ourselves on the cutting edge of beauty trends and treatments that allow you to feel authentically beautiful without worrying about a long recovery period. Our permanent makeup specialists will work with you to ensure permanent makeup is the right fit for your aesthetic goals, and help you choose the style that suits you perfectly, letting you live a busy, active lifestyle without having to think about putting makeup on for years! Call today for a consultation.

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